Gators in Florida | Weight Loss and the Mind 2.0 | Video Podcast #98

Scott Paton and Fitness Experts

Jan 02 2010

In mid December, Scott went down to Tampa Bay, Florida to hang out with Matt Furey. In today's podcast, Scott Paton and Matt Furey discuss Gators in Florida.

Discover how to control your weight and move towards success.

Weight Loss and dieting are an epidemic in today's society. It is more a function of how we think than anything else. There are hundreds of diets and exercise programs out there. Yet 'yo-yo' dieting is a cliche. We all know that there is more to it.

Why do we eat foods we KNOW add weight and inches to our waist and hips? Why do we sit in front of the tube for hours at a time instead of going for that wonderful walk in the park? The answer lies in our MINDS.

In February of 1987, Furey opened a training business for wrestlers and fitness enthusiasts. Most of the high school wrestlers he trained went on to wrestle in college.

Furey began studying various martial arts in 1990 and immediately saw the physical, mental and philosophical links these arts had with wrestling. This lead to the publication of his first book and videos in 1996, entitled, The Martial Art of Wrestling.

In 1996, Furey began competing in the ancient Chinese grappling art of Shuai-Chiao, the oldest style of kung fu. Furey's teacher, Dr. Daniel Weng, a national champion from Taiwan, and a ninth-degree black belt, guided Furey to three national titles - then over Christmas of 1997, Dr. Weng brought two U.S. teams to Beijing, China, to compete in the world championships. In Beijing, Furey won the gold medal at 90 KG (198-pounds), and was the only non-Chinese to win a title. In addition, Furey's world title was historic because it marked the first time that an American had won a gold medal in any world kung fu competition held in China.

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Lose weight and stay slim. "Think Fit. Be Fit." is our motto.Each week Scott Paton reveals how you can effectively use your mind to control your mouth. They show you easy, simple mind techniques that powerfully affect your emotional states. People from all walks of life visit with us every week. Why don't you join us? Visit our site at About Scott Paton and Fitness Experts

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Are you one of the thousands of people who battle daily with their weight? Do you make promises to yourself to get healthy and fit, only to get sidetracked after a few weeks of being disciplined? Have you lost and then re-gained those same pounds countless times? Do you believe that your weight has held you back from achieving your dreams?

If any of the above sound familiar then you may be interested in our podcast.

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